Littleton Business Services

Environmental damages are often beyond our control and can happen anywhere. At Littleton Water Damage our services go far beyond just water damage remediation. As an industry-leading provider of commercial damage remediation in Colorado, you can trust the business project specialists at Littleton to fully restore your commercial property quicker than the competition at a fraction of the cost. Whether you’re struggling with water damage, fire, mold or biological contamination, a crime scene or just deep cleaning that goes beyond what your janitorial service can provide, Littleton Water Damage is the right company to trust with your property.

In Littleton and the greater Denver metro, Littleton Water Damage is a preferred restoration company for large municipal institutions, businesses and property management companies. A few examples of our commercial clientele:

  • Government buildings
  • Storage Warehouses
  • Museums & Cultural Spaces
  • Hospital/Medical Facilities
  • Municipal structures
  • Factories
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Corporate Offices
  • Small Businesses

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There’s only so much a regular janitorial service can do in cleaning up after environmental damages. Even when your office has been regularly maintained, years of customer impact or less than ideal tenants can all take their toll on your property. With Littleton Commercial Cleaning Service, you can trust we’ll have your walls, ceilings, carpets, duct work and plumbing facilities to be better than new! We’ll help you bring dusty upholstery back to life, improve air quality, eliminate lingering odors and make everything shine with the luster of a looked-after establishment.

Water Damage

            Offering full water damage restoration services for commercial properties, our submersible pumps and water extraction units can have even the largest of spaces flood free and sterilized quickly. Our large teams of company-employed extraction specialists are IICRC trained licensed and insured and have the skills and equipment to respond to your water damage crisis within 30 minutes anywhere in Littleton. Don’t let your water damage situation become septic or threaten to close your business doors when your friendly water removal specialists at Littleton Water Damage are only a call away! The sooner you call us, the less permanent damage you’ll experience and the more money you’ll save. Call now (720)-608-0754


Mold can sneak in and create havoc anywhere there’s excess moisture in your Littleton home or business property. Our mold removal specialists use only environmentally safe techniques to hygienically restore your property, remove allergy-causing molds and prevent future infection on site. Using the latest in gentle biocide technology and cryo-pressure mold removal, musty smells and runny noses will be a thing of the past after a visit from Littleton Water Damage.


            Whether you’re a restaurant dealing with a kitchen fire, a hotel with damage, a factory or municipal institutions sorting through the consequences of fire damage, the fire remediation experts at Littleton can help. Our large teams of disaster units can help you mitigate the damages of your business fire and restore your property to “business as usual” conditions.

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