Littleton Mold Remediation

            Although most molds can be dealt with using over the counter products and adequate ventilation, if you’re struggling with repeat mold infestation, lingering musty smells or basement moisture, professional help is often necessary. Our mold removal specialists at Littleton Water Damage are IICRC trained meaning they use only industry approved techniques to gently remove molds, protect your home or business from future infestation and to carefully restore damaged surfaces and furnishing to a pre-mold condition.

Mold Removal Services

            Not only will we help you identify which molds are present on your property, we’ll determine the extent of damage using infrared imaging technology and laboratory confirmed analysis of spore samples.

When we arrive at your Littleton home or business, we isolate existing areas contaminated with mold and seal off the area while we work using HEPA filtered positive pressure containment. Our patented moldicide chemicals are complimented with physical removal of contaminated surfaces using dry ice blasting that slowly and evenly wears back surfaces so we can get back at the deepest parts of the mold growth. If a mold has been left alone for too long it may be buried deep into a structural component that can’t be removed. In that case, we’ll seal it permanently so that it won’t pollute your air quality.

After removal, sterilization is necessary to ensure that all molds present have been killed. We’ll not only sterilize all affected surfaces but we’ll also deodorize all areas to eliminate any musty smell.

Finally, once all mold has been properly destroyed, we’ll put in measures to prevent molds from returning, which may include dehumidifiers, leak repair, increasing ventilation to the area or sealing off areas of heightened moisture.

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Mold, why bother?

            Although mold spores are present nearly everywhere, when excess moisture is present, molds can create serious issues for building occupants. Not only are molds unsightly, they can compromise the structural integrity of your walls, insulation, beams, ceiling. Mostly known for being the source of allergic reaction, molds can cause more serious health complications if left untreated. If your home or place of business is occupied by children, the elderly, pregnant women, immune-compromised individuals or those with respiratory conditions, you should never allow mold to grow unabated. For these individuals, mold can cause lasting harm including death. At Littleton Water Damage we can help you eliminate mold for good and put in measures to prevent future infections.

Mold infection can be serious an its best to seek professional help if you think your home or Littleton business may be contaminated. Our certified mold removal experts can help you reclaim your air quality today. Call us at (720)-608-0754.